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NMWAY Wrestling

Session 2 Updates | 2017 NCAA Championships

By Brenan Lyon, 03/16/17, 9:45PM EDT


Photo: Tony Rotundo

Brenan Lyon

Brenan Lyon


Round of 16:


#1 T. Gilman (IOWA) dominates once again for a 24-8 major dec. against N. Kraisser (CAMP)

#2 J. Dance (VT) gets a 12-2 major dec. over D. Templeman (WYO)

#4 D. Cruz (LU) holds on for a 1-0 victory over S. Laney (OHIO)

#12 S. Fausz (NCST) gets the only takedown in a 3-1 match over #5 T. Lambert (NEB)

#6 E. Lizak (MINN) gets thrown in a headlock while winning 10-0, but finishes 15-6 for a major dec. against J. Terao (AMER)

#8 N. Piccininni (OKST) controls the match for a 5-2 win over #9 J. Rodriguez (NDSU)

#10 J. Mueller (UVA) makes his first quarterfinal bout via 5-2 decision over S. Russell (EDIN)

#14 F. Rodriguez (SIUE) holds on for a 7-5 victory over K. Akins (BUFF).  Gave up a late four point nearfall after leading 6-1


#1 N. Tomasello (OSU) makes mince-meat of C. Sykora (NDSU) for a 21-7 major dec.

#2 S. Gross (SDSU) earns a 15-0 tech. fall over J. Palmer (ORST)

#3 K. Brock (OKST) edges longtime foe #14 M. McKee (MINN) 3-1

#4 C. Clark (IOWA) dec. Pat D’Arcy (PRIN) 10-5

#5 S. Micic (UM) dec. #12 J. Alber (UNI) 5-2

#11 B. Lantry (BUFF) upsets #6 D. Forys (PITT) 5-3

#7 E. Montoya (NEB) rolls 14-2 major dec. over #10 J. Erneste (MIZZ)

#8 Z. Richards (ILL) dec.#9  S. Parker (LU) 7-6 in OT on a STALL CALL


#1 D. Heil (OKST) is pushed by J. Prince (NAVY), but holds on to a 9-5 victory.  Match was tied 4-4 late

#2 K. Jack (NCST) continues his shutout NCAA tournament with a 4-0 victor over #15 T. Smith (BUCK)

#14 T. Thorn (MINN) with a HUGE fall over #3 J. McKenna (STAN) in OT.  By far the biggest upset of this tournament so far.  Secured the winning takedown off a shot, holding McKenna on his back while attempting to pass the leg.

#4 M. Kolodzik (PRIN) dec. J. Gullibon (PSU) 6-3

#5 A. Ashnault (RUT) holds on to a 7-6 victory via riding time point over L. Pletcher (OSU)

#6 G. DiCamillo (UVA) pins #11 R. Cruz (LU) 4:36

#8 J. Eierman (MIZZ) dec. #9 C. McCrystal (NEB) 9-6

#10 B. Meredith (WYO) rolls to an 8-0 victory over J. Hathaway (ORST)


#1 Z. Retherford (PSU) gives the Nittany Lions some more bonus points with a 16-0 tech. fall over J. Laster (PRIN)

I might have to take back my earlier statement of biggest upset of the tournament because #15 K. Theobold (RUT) just upset #2 A. Collica (OKST) 9-3 in OT.  Similar to the Thorn-McKenna finish, Theobold is finished on a single leg when he stops Collica trying to pass the leg.

#3 L. Mayes takes out #14 S. Bleise (NIU) 2-1 in OT

#4 M. Jordan (OSU) rolls to a 10-2 major dec. over #13 A. Bannister (MD)

#5 B. Sorenson (IOWA) had a Sorenson-esque match, defeating A. Crone (WISC) 6-2

#6 S. Chishko (VT) fall J. Delgado (ORST) 2:53

#7 M. Thomsen (UNI) dec. L. Gardne

r (LU) 6-4

A Kocer (SDSU) continues his upset streak with a decision over  #9 J. Oliver (CMU) 5-4


#1 J. Nolf (PSU) followed up his first TF performance with another in the second round, this time over #16 V. Lopez (BUCK)

#2 M. Kemerer (IOWA) dominated in his round of 16 match, winning 22-6 over C. Delande (EDIN) to advance to the quarterfinals at 157 pounds. 

#3 J. Lavallee (MIZZ) won by fall over #14 S. Mastriani (VT) in OT

#4 T. Berger (NEB) dec. K. Langenderfer (ILL) 11-7

#5 J. Smith (OKST) dec. M. Bethea (PENN) 6-3

P. Fox (STAN) follows his first round upset win with another in the second round over #11 R. Parsons (ARMY)

#7 D. Palacio (COR) funked his way to a win over #10 C. Heffernan (CMU) 9-5

B. Clagon (RU) dec. #9 J. Shields (ASU) 6-5


#1 I. Martinez (ILL) was tested in this bout, actually giving up the final takedown, but holding on to an 8-5 victory over #16 N. Wanzek (MINN)

#2 L. Massa (UM) finishes on a plethora of takedowns to secure a second period tech. fall over #15 D. Hughes (MSU)

#3 V. Joseph gave Penn State a bonus point victory with a 12-4 major dec. victory over B. Ashworth (WYO) at 165 pounds

#4 I. Joseph (WISC) dec. B. Womack (COR) 5-1

#5 C. Walsh (RU) does what Chad Walsh does: pins A. Matthews (EDIN) in :35

#6 D. Lewis (MIZZ) controlled inter-conference foe and #11 B. Steiert (UNI) 6-0

#7 A. Valencia (ASU) dec. #10 T. Campbell (PITT) 9-2

#9 C. Rogers (OKST) pinned #8 D. Cottrell (WVU) to advance to the quarterfinals



Top-seeded Z. Valencia moved on to the quarterfinals with a convincing 12-3 victory over #16 C. Brucki (CMU) at 174 pounds. 

#2 B. Realbuto (COR) with another tech. fall over #15 T. Engelkes (NIU)

#3 B. Jordan (OSU) dec. #14 L. Weatherspoon (ISU) 10-4

#4 Z. Epperly (VT) dec. T. Lujan (UNI) 5-2

#5 M. Hall (PSU) looking a lot like Ed Ruth out there.  The freshman was masterful on top, tilting to a first period tech. fall over J. Bernstein (NAVY) 16-0

#11 A. Meyer (IOWA) uses a last second takedown to take out #6 R. Preisch (LU)

#9 M. Amine (UM) dec. #8 E. Ramos (UNC) 6-4

#10 Z. Brunson (ILL) dec. J. Residori (SIUE) 6-2


#1 G. Dean (COR) is surgeon-like in an 11-3 major dec. over J. Ellingwood (CMU)

#2 B. Nickal continues the bonus point train for Penn State with a fall over S. Schneider (BING) 5:33

#3 S. Brooks (IOWA) fall #14 D. Geer (EDIN) 3:44

#4 N. Boyd (OKST) dec. #13 B. Carr (CHAT) 3-2 OT

#12 D. Foster (UNI) upsets #5 Z. Zavatsky (VT) 4-3

#11 E. Parker (ILL) scores a huge upset over #6 M. Martin (OSU) courtesy of a single-leg finish to Martin’s back for four nearfall points

#7 TJ Dudley (NEB) dec. M. Macchiavello (NCST) 6-1

#8 Dechow (ODU) overcomes an early 5-1 deficit to defeat #9 N. Jackson (IU) 7-5 in OT


#1 J. Cox (MIZZ) major dec. S. Cervantes (NAVY) 12-3

#2 B. Pfarr (MINN) dec. B. Johnson (OU) 6-1

#3 K. Moore (OSU) major dec. C. Griego (ORST) 16-4

#4 J. Haught (VT) dec. C. Wilcke (IOWA) 4-1

#5 M. McCutcheon (PSU) dec. F. Mattiace (PENN) 6-3

#6 P. Weigel (OKST) dec. S. Scott (NIU) 3-2

#10 K. Beazley (ODU) fall #7 A. Studebaker (NEB) 6:11

#8 R. Wolfe (RU) dec. D. Chaid (UNC) 12-5


Olympic champion K. Snyder (OSU) rolled to a 22-7 technical fall over G. Ryan (COL)

#2 C. Medbury (WISC) dec. R. Solomon (PITT) 5-0

#3 T. Walz (VT) topped T. Haines (LHU) 9-5 in the round of 16

#4 J. Kasper (DUKE) dec. M. Kosoy (NCST) 2-0

#5 N. Nevills (PSU) dec. W. Miller (EDIN) 6-2

C. Jennings (NW) major dec. A. Schafer (OKST) 8-0

#7 T. Hall (ASU) fall #10 N. Butler (STAN) 7:39

#8 M. Kroells (MINN) dec. D. Dejournette (APST) 5-3 OT